secaucus soccer

League Rules

Secaucus Soccer Rules


The following rules are designed, first and foremost, to keep our player’s experience in our league safe and enjoyable. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these important guidelines.

And as always, if you ever have a question or concern, please contact Coach Alex Lalaoui at 201-920-8523 or via email at Your comments and observations are always important to us.


  • Each outdoor team pays a fee of $850.00 per team (up to 12 players on a roster), for a 7-week season. Indoor teams pay a fee of $850.00 per team (up to 10 players on a roster) for a 9-week season. Team captains are responsible for paying the ref a $25 per game fee each week before the start of the match. This official fee is paid directly to the official and is the responsibility of the team captain.
  • Individual players who do not have a team pay a fee of $99 for a 7-week season for outdoor leagues, and $99 for a 9-week indoor season. We will help place you on an available team. Team placement is at the discretion of Coach Alex Lalaoui and league officials.  
  • All league fees (other than ref fees) must be paid online at
  • All fees must be paid no later than one week prior to the start of each new season.
  • Team captains are responsible for making sure their players complete their waivers. Any team who allows a player on the field without signed waivers will forfeit their game and potentially risk suspension from the league without a refund of all fees paid. 

Match Format & Scoring

  • Outdoor matches are played in a 7 v 7 format, no goalkeepers. Indoor matches are played in a 5 v 5 format, no goalkeepers. 
  • Outdoor rosters can contain up to 12 players. Indoor rosters can contain up to 10 players. 
  • All players must be 21 and over. If a player is on a team's roster and found to be under the age of 21, that team will forfeit their match and possibly their team fee and league placement for the season. Repeated violations of the age requirement may result in permanent suspension. 
  • All games are 40 minutes in duration with no breaks (One 40 min half) 
  • Games will be scored according to the following: three points for a win; one point for a tie; and zero points for a loss, following FIFA scoring guidelines.
  • Substitutions are unlimited and may be made on the fly (without referee’s permission) as long as the player on the field exits to the bench area before the substitute enters.
  • After a 5-minute delay of a match’s scheduled start time, the referee reserves the right to forfeit the game of the team that is not prepared to play. The “winning” team will receive 3 points and their score will be the average score of all the winning team matches played that night for their goal differential. The forfeit team will receive zero points and their goal differential will be impacted based on the final score (Based on the average score of all the winning team matches played that night for their goal differential)
  • The clock will run continuously unless a serious injury occurs.
  • A goal can be scored directly from kickoff.
  • When a team has been awarded a penalty kick, it must be taken from the penalty spot in front of your intended goal. Please ask the referee for direction if you are not sure where to shoot from. Players may not obstruct the “arc” in front of the goal during a penalty kick or intercept a shot. Players may stand on either side of the goal (left or right) on the OUTSIDE of the arc. Your referee will guide you on proper player placement if there is a question. If the shot is missed, the game is live.  
  • Goalkeeper should stay on their feet while the penalty kick is taken (no arms allowed from fingertips to shoulder seams), must stay in the goal with NO more than one foot from the goal-line and cannot step forward – no sitting – no sliding – no diving – must stay up on their feet without any other body part touching the ground.
  • If a ball strikes a ceiling of the bubble or light fixtures INDOORS, an indirect kick shall be awarded from the point on the gym floor directly underneath the object that was struck.
  • Each match will commence and end with a referee’s whistle.
  • There is NO slide tackling.
  • There is no offside.
  • Shin guards are mandatory.
  • No jewelry of any kind can be worn.
  • NO FOOD of any kind can be consumed while on the field.
  • No chewing gum, chewing tobacco or candy can be eaten during play.
  • No spitting, swearing, or cursing at any time.
  • No animals of any kind (except valid service animals) are allowed on the premises.
  • No alcohol or smoking/vaping on the premises, including in the parking lot.  Participants who appear to be under the influence of any controlled substance, including illicit drugs or alcohol, will risk having their entire team disqualified from the league without refund of league fees.
  • Proper sports attire is expected. 
  • Shirts/footwear must be worn at all times.
  • The OUTDOOR match is played on a turf field.  Turf soccer shoes are permitted. No cleats of any kind. INDOOR matches are played on a hardwood basketball court. 
  • Only rostered players, designated league staff and referees may be on the field during the matches.
  • No spectators of any kind are allowed on the field at any time. Spectators may watch from designated areas off of the field. 
  • No unaccompanied/unsupervised children can be brought to the league programs at any time. Children must be in the company of and supervised by an adult who is not participating in the league programs. All children must be kept off the playing field at all times. 
  • Please bring your own folding/portable chair if you need to sit.
  • League officials reserve the right to request that any player, spectator, or visitor leave the premises at any time for any reason.

yellow card will result in a penalty of 4 minutes for the offending player and will be enforced by the match referee. The offending player may be substituted during this time. The following are examples of yellow card infractions:

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct
  • Showing dissent to the coach or match officials
  • Persistent infringement of the rules (committing multiple fouls)
  • Delaying the restart of play (not starting play quickly enough or preventing the start of play)
  • Failure to respect the required distance (5 yards)
  • Disregarding mandatory safety protocols


Any active player that is about to be substituted must exit the field promptly and be off the field entirely before his/her substitute enters the field or that substitute gets the yellow

Inactive substitute players must stay in their designated area with their feet 3 yards behind the sideline at all times and are prohibited from intercepting the ball for any reason or they will receive a yellow card.

red card will receive a minimum penalty of automatic dismissal from the game and a maximum penalty of permanent dismissal from the league. The offending player must exit the field immediately upon receiving a red card and cannot return to the game. The player may not be substituted and the team must play short for the remainder of the game. The following are automatic red card offenses:

  • Serious foul play (using violence during the game – ie; assaulting a player rather than going for the ball).
  • Violent, dangerous or aggressive conduct (any other form of violence against anyone else – player, fan, official, etc).
  • Spitting at a player, fan, official, etc.
  • Holding an opponent’s shirt or clothing (Intentionally).
  • Tackling with little or no concern for the safety of teammates or opponents.
  • Making contact with the opponent without making contact with the ball Intentionally.
  • Deliberately handling the ball with any part of the hand or arm.
  • Deliberately and/or maliciously kicking, tripping, jumping, charging, pushing or attacking a player, fan or official.
  • Preventing a goal by knowingly handling the ball.
  • Preventing a goal or interfering with a clear goal-scoring chance by committing a foul.
  • Using offensive, insulting, or abusive language or gestures at any time during the running and operation of the league program which includes the time before, during, and after the matches.
  • Vandalism of academy or location property.
  • Evidence of intoxication or use of any controlled substance


Offending players are subject to immediate disciplinary action up to and including a red card. When a red card is given, the offender’s team will have to play short for the remaining match time. Persistent offenders will be dismissed from the league. Being cautioned a second time in the same game for a yellow card infraction automatically earns the player a red card. Coach Alex Lalaoui and team officials reserve the right to determine any necessary disciplinary actions, including suspensions, bans, forfeiture of fees, etc. to safeguard players and the league.

  • Only registered players are allowed in the playing area. Spectators are allowed to watch matches only in designated areas off of the field area. 
  • No spectators are allowed on the field area at any time.
  • If you bring children to the field area, please ensure they always remain with an adult. Children are not allowed on the field at any time. 
  • Please bring your own folding/portable chair if you need to sit.
  • League officials reserve the right to request that any player, spectator, or visitor leave the premises at any time for any reason.